Thank you 

I’ve been back in blighty  (UK)  for a couple of weeks and have finally recovered from the  jet lag.  As those of you reading this might have noticed the most recent blogs by me have been more focused on being a tourist than the people I’ve met.  Although it may look like I’ve been on a massive holiday in can assure you that I’ve been working as hard as  I’ve  played  (this might explain why its taken 2 weeks to recover). 

Over my time away I visited (for more than 24 hours) 1 continent,  2 countries,  7 cities  (one twice) . I have been on 11 planes , 6 public transport systems and only Kate knows how many miles she drove (not all on purpose. I have met with and interviewed 15 organisations and 64 individuals. 

I quickly realised I couldn’t do justice  to the people I was meeting and throw myself experience simultaneously I just didn’t have the time and energy. Therefore I  chose to immerse myself and worry about documenting things later as a result this blog has  suffered. 

For the  next couple of weeks I will be posting  a blog about a person or organisation  I met with during my trip.  This is so I can give the blogs the time they need and to help me with writing the final report. These blogs will not be in chronological order.

Before I  start in would like to thank  everyone who made time to meet with or helped to connect me with  people I have leaned and laughed at lot and that is a direct result of people’s generosity.