First impressions of Sydney 

Sydney Opera house
Sydney Opera house

I have been in Australia since Monday and having successfully beaten jet lag  I thought I’d  share my impression of Sydney. 

The first thing thing that strikes me is everything seems so young and modern compared to London. Although the importance of history to Australia is clear everywhere.

The second thing that hits you is just how international Sydney is it felt like days before we before met someone with an Australian accent.

I’ve travelled quite a bit but predominantly in Europe and as a result it is quite novel to be in an English speaking country and I have to admit it makes  negotiating access easier.

However wheelchair access is not as good as it could be or as I expected it to  be many  buildings have a step to get in or make wheelchair users use different  entrances. 

Sydney is a lovely city and I can see why people come here and I’m looking forward to spending more time here later in my trip.

Accessible tourist tips 1

  1. Go on an access tour of the opera house (thanks jo b for the tip) it’s a bit expensive but definitely worth it. 
  2. Grab a drink at the museum of contemporary arts great views
  3. If you are a wheelchair user don’t attempt to cross the harbour bridge as a pedestrian  it is not possible 

Hidden gem 1

The Martian embassy – this seemingly quirky shop in redfern is part of an initiative to get children  writing and reading  stories. 


Author: zarasadventure

I am a human rights activist from the UK. I have a background in disability and participation work. I identify as a disabled person and Feminist. I belive in equity and using intersectional and approaches.

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