and we’re off

Today Kate (my willing PA for this adventure) and I begin our Leadership adventure Down Under. We will be spending the next few weeks exploring leadership in the disability field in australia and New Zealand and how it can be and is being made more inclusive.

I am interested in how the disability movement can support disabled women, young people, people with learning disabilities and those from diverse and minority backgrounds to be in leadership positions.

I will be meeting people from a wide range of organisations as well as individual disabled leaders in the followings cities:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Hobbart
  • Wellington
  • Auckland

The key questions I will be asking are

  • Why does leadership in the disability¬† field should be more inclusive?
  • What are you/organisation doing to support this?
  • What were/are the barriers to inclusion in leadership?
  • What solutions have worked?

I hope to be able to share infomation about what’s happening in the UK and the challenges and opportunities we are facing.



Author: zarasadventure

I am a human rights activist from the UK. I have a background in disability and participation work. I identify as a disabled person and Feminist. I belive in equity and using intersectional and approaches.

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